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Machans Beach was first surveyed in 1885, which makes it one of the oldest beach-front communities along the norther beaches of Cairns. This community owes its name to Richard and Cristina Machan and their family , who in search of a new life purchased about 100 hectares of land in the early 1920s. They were one the first white settlers in this area. Back in those days Machans Beach looked very different from what we see now. A thick forest stood between the beach and the cane fields , and the sandy beach front was about 40 meters wide. There were no houses properly called, instead families used to live in small shacks on the beach, above the high tide line. In its early days Machans Beach was considered a popular holiday destination amongst Cairns residents, and people used to go for a day or more to enjoy the peace and quiet . Richard Machan entrepreneurial spirit played a main role in giving Machans Beach popularity through different bussiness ventures such as transport services. By the 1940šs the community was a mixture of permanent and holiday homes, and although through the war years its popularity had declined , by the early 1950s it regained its place as a holiday destination. It had then a cafe and a shop and a post office, but life still was very basic as there was no water or electricity. Up to the 1960 the community developed rapidly. A lot of people impressed by the friendliness of its residents decided to make Machans Beach their home, many of them still live around. This atmosphere of friendship has survived despite the hectic pace of modern life.
Cristina and Richard Machan
If you want to know more about the history of Machans Beach get the book "Certain Friends in Uncertain Times" it only has a cost of 20 dollars! You can purchase a copy at the Machans Beach Post office Ph: 4055 9402