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The Friends of Redden Island (FoRI) is a community group that was established for the purpose of protecting and enhancing the unique environmental, cultural and recreational values of Redden Island  – our own patch of bush in Machans Beach.

FoRI has worked closely with the Cairns Port Authority, which owns most of Redden Island, and local politicians, and the traditional custodians, the Yirrgandji People, to achieve those goals.

FoRI is currently working with the Cairns Port Authority toward the development and implementation of an Environmental Management Plan (EMP) which will conserve and enhance the values of Redden Island.  Once an effective management plan is in place, we will pursue the possibility of Nature Refuge status for Redden Island. 

FoRI has been pleased to have the opportunity to work closely with George Skeene, an elder of the Yirrgandji traditional owners.  We look forward to continuing that relationship and hope we can support the Yirrgandji people in achieving their aspirations for the land, including the establishment of a bush tucker walk and the renaming of Redden Island to “Dungarra”.  (“Dungarra” was the name of the Yirrgandji clan group who regularly gathered bush tucker and camped on Redden Island.

FoRI is open to any member of the community who wishes to help preserve our special piece of bush, so come along to meetings as advertised in Machanations or on this webpage.

Further information contact Rob on 0432 287 032

Read the notes from previous meetings. Please use the BACK button on your browser to return to the FoRI page once you have viewed a pdf document.

Environmental Management Strategy VIEW pdf

Community Comments and GHD response VIEW pdf

FoRI Meeting Notes : April 19 2007 VIEW pdf

Letter to CPA from FoRI : November 2006 VIEW pdf

FoRI Meeting Notes : October 26 2006 VIEW pdf

Letter to CPA from Mark Price : October 5 2006 VIEW pdf

FoRI/CPA Meeting Notes : August 17 2006 VIEW pdf

FoRI Meeting Notes : August 3 2006 VIEW pdf

FoRI Meeting Notes : July 6 2006 VIEW pdf

FoRI Meeting Notes : June 1 2006 VIEW pdf

Further information contact Rob on 0432 287 032

JCU Student Project

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Uni Project on Redden Island
    My name is Steven Cobbin; I am a James Cook University student in my final year of an Environmental Science Degree. As part of my degree, I am undertaking a project to determine what social benefits are offered to local communities through corporate funding of enhancement and maintenance programmes in local urban natural areas. I have chosen to focus my project on Redden Island and to identify the community’s perception of environmental management practices that Cairns Ports have initiated on the Island. I will be visiting Machans Beach and Redden Island at different times over the next few months asking people to participate in a brief anonymous survey (about 5-10 minutes) concerning your thoughts on Redden Island.  What I am trying to determine is:
1. What social and recreational benefits do the Machans Beach community receive from the environmental management strategy of Redden Island?
2. What are the fundamental benefits to corporate organisations by committing funds to localised natural habitats for rehabilitation and preservation?
    A Questionnaire is available for download on the Machans Beach website   If returning a completed questionnaire please use the email address below. If you have any inquiries or want further information about any aspects of my project, including the questionnaire, please contact:
        Steven Cobbin - JCU School of Earth and Environmental Sciences
        Email:    Mobile phone: 0418213842



Steve Wettenhall MP - Member for Barron River











































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